We are the sector leader in design, manufacture and marketing of components and systems for beer, soft drink, wine, sparkling water, tea and coffee dispensing systems. 

Our facility in the vicinity of Milan has been producing Made in Italy innovation and quality for 40 years making ODL one of the most reliable and expert companies in the sector.

We propose ourselves as quality partner offering products and services consistent with our customers’ project goals and positioning, guaranteeing innovative, safe and Eco sustainable technologies.   


Our design centre is capable of designing ever new solutions to adapt the ODL products to the different needs and in compliance with the international standards.

We follow all the projects right from the outset in order to assure production of customised and reliable components for any system.


We pay care and attention to all the production phases: from planning to in-line processing, from assembly to quality control on 100% of the units manufactured. This guarantees efficiency, durability and maximum safety. 

Product quality is one of our main objectives and has allowed ODL to be among the first companies in Italy to obtain ISO 9001 certification and ISO 14001 certification for the environment.


We pursue significant growth objectives for the future by diversifying the products and promoting ambitious technological innovation programmes thanks to considerable investments in research and development.

I-dea system is the new intelligent interactive control system in beer dispensing systems, which controls the tapping quality and provides sales information in real-time. I-dea system allows you to save time and money thanks to the temperature and foam control during both dispensing and storage after the keg has been tapped.


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